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Class of 2019

2019_Senior_Spring__Presentation_ Card Icon2019 Senior Spring Presentation

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Senior_Expectations_ Card IconSenior Expectations

Class of 2019 Student Expectations
ATTENDANCE- You must have 9 or fewer instances of unexcused absences and cuts since March 1st to participate in graduation. Student attendance is expected at all Senior Activities.
  • DISCIPLINE- Discipline issues may result in you not participating in the graduation ceremony and/or senior class activities.  Seniors will appeal to the Senior Discipline Review Committee.
  • All outstanding detentions and Saturday schools must be served in order to participate in the graduation ceremony.
  • FINES/FEES- Must be cleared in order to receive your diploma and free graduation tickets.
  • Graduation Rules of Conduct and Dress Code
  • SHOES- DO NOT wear high heels. You must wear either flats or wedges.  If you wear heels you will be asked to change them and MAY NOT be allowed to participate.  
  • ATTIRE- DO NOT wear blue jeans or shorts.  You should wear semi-formal apparel under your graduation gown. (Dress, skirt, dress pant, and dress shirt)
  • ACCESSORIES- Absolutely NO flower leis, money leis, or candy leis can be worn during the ceremony. Cultural beads can be worn on the inside of the robes. Only administration approved stoles, sashes, cords, and club pins can be worn.
  • Tickets and Raley Field Information  - Graduation Ceremony June 4
  • TICKETS- Each student will get 10 free tickets at school on May 31st. Additional tickets will be sold in the student center for $7.00 each starting May 20th.  You will want to buy all at once so guests will be seated together. Keep in mind, the tickets you receive for free will NOT be next to the purchased seats. Tickets will also be for sale at the main entrance of Raley Field at 5:30PM on June 4th. Email handicapped seating needs to  .  
  • Every person must have a ticket, including infants and toddlers (per Raley Field rules.)
  • PARKING- Parking is $5.00 at Raley Field and opens at 4:30 PM.
  • GATES- Main gates will open at 5:45- Seniors arrive by 5:30 and enter through the east side gate.  These gates are closed and locked by 6:05 PM.
  • GIFTS/SIGNS- Parent signs must be smaller than a lap (24” X 24”.) No balloons are allowed.
  • DISTRACTIONS- Beach balls, noise makers, or other toys/objects that will distract WILL NOT be permitted in the stadium and will be confiscated if seen. This is for everybody-parents included.   
  • CONCESSIONS- Concession stands will be open.  No outside food or drinks will be permitted, including water.  River Cats security will be conducting bag checks at the Main Gate upon entry just like at a baseball game. You will be requested to throw away or return to your vehicle any items that are found.

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