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Graduation Requirements

RLHS Requirements/A-G Requirements ***

(A-G all semesters completed with a "C" or higher GPA for UC minimum 3.0)
English 9, 10, 11 and 12, semesters Fall and Spring
*** A-G :ALL 4-years

Algebra 1, Semesters Fall and Spring
2 additional years of math (4 semesters)
Integrated Math 1
Integrated Math 2
Integrated Math 3
*** A-G :2 additional years must contain Geometry Fall and Spring Semesters and Algebra II Fall and Spring Semesters
Integrated Math 1
Integrated Math 2
Integrated Math 3

A Life Science, 2 semesters
*** A-G : Biology Fall and Spring Semesters

A Physical Science, 2 semesters
***A-G : Chemistry or Physics Fall and Spring Semesters

Social Science
World History, Semesters Fall and Spring *** A-G
U.S. History Semesters Fall and Spring *** A-G
American Government Semesters Fall and Spring *** A-G
Economics One Semester

The Arts
1 year in the Fine  Arts (2 semesters)
1 year in a foreign language
*** A-G 1 year of the same Visual or Performing Fine Art
*** A-G Foreign Language 2 years of the same Foreign Language 1 & 2
Physical Education
2 semesters freshman (course 1)
2 semesters PE (Must be taken in 10th grade if students fails the FitnessGram)

1 semester

65 credits (12.5 semesters)
*** A-G 1 year of an additional college prep class from the following areas: Fine Arts, History, Social Science, Advanced Math, Laboratory Science, Foreign Language, English. For more selective colleges, the more of these additional courses completed....the better! Also,a higher G.P.A. helps in admittance to selective schools!
College Entrance Exams: ACT or SAT I with writing required. Two SAT II subject tests (Math + 1 more) are suggested for U.C. and some selective colleges.

For a list of courses classified as AG "Fine Arts" please reference the UC Doorways website. ** Note that an "elective" is a course that is selected to be studied. An "elective" may be a course such as Choir, Psychology, or Calculus.