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StudentScholarships.Org On going Great site! Tons of Scholarships! Definitely check this out!!!! Scholarship's Website
Kohl's Cares Open now ages 6-18 nomination process*see website Scholarship's Website
Equality Collaborative

November 1, 2018-

Feb. 1, 2018

6,000.00 LGBT community Scholarship's Website
Northern California Scholarship By nomination- open now $28,000, see website for more details Scholarship's Website
Gilbraitti Scholarship March 30, 2018 $500, ages 6-20 attending college in fall of 2015 Scholarship's Website
NAACP Open now with various dates February through May 2018 Up to $10,000 , see website for details Scholarship's Website
AVID-College Horizons Scholarship March 1, 2018 Be a participant in the AVID program (minimum 3 years in high school), Be a graduating senior at a Sacramento county high school, Be admitted and enrolled in a four year college or university with a minimum of 12 units, Demonstrate need in a financial aid award letter from college, award renewable Scholarship's Website
APSEA Foundaation Scholarship Feb. 27, 2018 Scholarships for students involved in the Asian/Pacific Islander (API) community through school, family, work, or service, Scholarships for low-income students, or students in need, Scholarships for vocational school students

Scholarship's Website

Asian Pacific Community Fund Scholarship (Verizon) January 31, 2018 $1,000, High school seniors, must plan to enroll in a U.S. accredited four-year college or university as a full-time, degree-seeking student majoring in math, engineering or science. Students must also have a minimum 3.0 unweighted GPA. 

Scholarship's Website

Eugene and Thora Chin Scholarship Fund April 14, 2017 $1,000-$5,000, Be of Asian/Pacific Islander heritage, Plan to attend an accredited two or four year college, university or graduate school
Have a minimum cumulative GPA of 4.0 in high school or 3.5 in college, Preference will be given to students with high financial need and high academic merit.
Scholarship's Website
H. Ernest and Helen L. Johnson Memorial Fun Scholarship  March 1, 2018 $1,000-$2,000. 
Have a minimum cumulative GPA of 3.0
Plan to attend an accredited four year university in California, Preference will be given to students attending universities in Northern California, Demonstrate financial need
Scholarship's Website
Community Based Scholarship Application April and May 2018

Completing this application will make you eligible to compete for our community-based scholarships. The scholarships this year include: REACH (essay required), Chamber of Commerce, Lions Club, and the Rotary Club.

Application is located in the Resource Locker on this page.

Diane Dawson Memorial Scholarship March 1, 2018


Have a parent or legal guardian with terminal cancer or other terminal illness, or have lost a parent to a terminal disease during their tenure in high school, Have a cumulative GPA of at least 2.5

Scholarship's Website
Best Buy Scholarship Program Check it out See web site for dates and details  Scholarship's Website
Blood Source Scholarship March 31,2018 All applicants must plan on attending a four-year college/university, a community college or a technical school within one year of high school graduation. Blood Source will award up to $2,500 to each selected candidate. Scholarship's Website
Various Scholarships LBGT Varies Gender and Sexuality Identify LBGT students Scholarship's Website
Target All-Around Scholarship Nov. 1, 2018

Up to $10,000. Must plan to enroll in college.

Scholarship's Website
First Year Scholarship March 15, 2018 $400. For Catholics and people of Italian descent. Check website for more details. Scholarship's Website
Max and Nadine Dimick Scholarship March 1, 2018


Be attending American River College or Consumnes River College in the fall
Have a cumulative GPA of 3.0 or higher
Demonstrate financial need

Scholarship's Website
Philip M. Dowd Memorial Scholarship March 1, 2018 $1,000-$5,000. Must have 3.0 GPA. Essay scholarship, see website for details! Scholarship's Website
Art Institutues  see website for details! Photography, Teen Chef, Art Poster Design, Fashion competition

Scholarship's Website

Sac Community Foundation Scholarships all March 1, 2018 500-$5000, see website for details! Scholarship's Website
Walter & Mae Tyer Scholarship March 1, 2018 $1,000-$5,000. Have a minimum cumulative GPA of 3.0, Demonstrate financial need, Plan to attend an accredited two or four year college or university. Preference will be given to first year students! Scholarship's Website
Bezos Scholarship  Feb. 2018 See website for details! Scholarship's Website
Pine Cone Foundation Scholarship Open process starts Feb with the BOGW. May is the the deadline for the application Students with SLD-Lots of details, check out the website! Scholarship's Website
National Foundation for Advancement in the Arts Opening 2017 Be 15-18 years old, Cash awards of up to $10,000, check website for more details! Scholarship's Website
American Chemical Society Scholars Program March 1, annually Up to $5,000. African American, Hispanic, or American Indian high school seniors or college freshman, sophomores, or juniors pursuing a college degree in the chemical sciences or chemical technology are eligible to apply. Scholarship's Website
Becca's Closet Spirit of Generosity Scholarship April 20, 2018 $1,000. For those community-involved. Check out website for more details. Scholarship's Website
U.S. Navy Scholarships Varies Ranging from $23,000-$150,000 See website for details, many U.S. Navy scholarships available! Scholarship's Website
Chevrolet Excellence in Education Scholarship March 16, 2018 $1,000. Open to African American Students graduating with a 3.0 GPA  Scholarship's Website
Active 20-30 Club of Greater Sacramento Feb 2018 Senior female with 3.0 GPA or higher, Community Service/Volunteer experience, Plan to attend a community college or four year university, Must reside or attend school in Sacramento County, or the cities of Davis, Granite Bay, Lincoln,
Rocklin, Roseville, or West Sacramento. 
Scholarship's Website
Actuarial Diversity Scholarship April 2018 Minority students pursuing a degree, $1,000-$4,000 Scholarship's Website
Akash Kuruvilla Memorial Scholarship Fund Jun. 27, 2018 2 awards, $1,000, Students who demonstrate excellence in leadership, integrity and academics. Scholarship's Website
PG&E Scholarship Feb 1, 2018 See website for details  Scholarship's Website
AWG Minority Scholarship For Women June 2018 5 awarded, $500-$3,000. Undergrad students, US Citizen, Must attend 4 year college Scholarship's Website
American Library Association Scholarship March 1, 2018 $1,000-$7,000 , see website for more details. Scholarship's Website
Best Buy Scholarship  Feb. of every year High school students planning to enter a full-time Undergrad program after high school Scholarship's Website
Nordstrom Scholarship Program March 1, 2018

FOR JUNIORS: Must have at least a 2.7 GPA throughout high school and volunteer or participate in community services or extracurricular activities.

Must plan to attend college in the U.S. and also not have any criminal record

Scholarship's Website
Kraft Foods Inc. Scholarship Check it out

 $500-$3,5000.  Must be attending or planning to attend US colleges, universities, vocational schools, or technical schools.

Scholarship's Website
Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial Scholarship Feb 19, 20018  Applicants must be members of a defined ethnic minority group and be pursuing a teaching-related career in public education. P.S. Not a lot of people apply! You'll have a better chance of winning! Scholarship's Website
Star Supporter Scholarship Feb 8, 2018 $1,500-$2,000 Scholarship's Website
Davis Putter Scholarship Fund March 30, 2018 For college students who are part of the progressive movement in their community Scholarship's Website
Dell Scholars Program Jan 15, 2018 For students who demonstrate a desire and ability to overcome barriers and achieve their goals Scholarship's Website

Discovery Scholarship

Feb 28, 2018 Annual scholarship for high school juniors to support continued education and training beyond high school Scholarship's Website
Ed Bradely Scholarship Opens Jan. 2018 For full-time students who are pursuing careers in radio and television news Scholarship's Website
TeenDrive365 Video Challenge Scholarship March 7, 2018 $15,000. Create a 30-60 second video for your fellow teen drivers that highlights the importance of safe teen driving and you could win the chance to work with a Discovery film crew, $15,000 or one of 14 other prizes! Scholarship's Website
ESA Foundation Computer and Video Game Scholarship Program May 2018 For minority and female students majoring in a field related to computer and video game arts. Scholarship's Website
VIP Voice Scholarship ongoing- check website Join VIP Voice today and enter for a chance to win our $5k Scholarship! You pick the school, we’ll help you pay. Scholarship's Website
Gates Millenium Scholarship Open now! Help for low income minority students Scholarship's Website
Go On Girl Book Club Scholarship March 15, annually Supports authors of Black African Diaspora who want to write their way to college money Scholarship's Website
Create-a-Greeting Card Scholarship  March 02, 2018 $10,000. Design a holiday, get well, or birthday greeting card and submit your work to be judged. Your photo, art, or graphics submitted must be your own original work. Scholarship's Website
Hallie Q. Brown Scholarship March 31, 2017 For African American women who have a minimum C average, and can demonstrate financial need Scholarship's Website
HBCU  Scholarships

Check website- on going scholarships

See website for details

Provides travel opportunities for students of color who are traditionally under-represented in such programs Scholarship's Website
ScholarshipPoints Scholarship Open $10,000.  Become a Scholarship Points member and log in. Random drawing! Scholarship's Website


Joe Francis Haircare Scholarship Jan. 1, each year For cosmetology and barber school students who can demonstrate a financial need Scholarship's Website
Ken Kashiwahara May, annually Open to full time students who are pursuing careers in radio and television news Scholarship's Website
KFC Colonel's Scholars Program Feb. 8, 2018 For college bound students who can demonstrate financial need and have a GPA of at least 2.75 Scholarship's Website
Superpower Scholarship March 31, 2018 $2,500. Sign up for Unigo to get more details on the application process. Scholarship's Website
National Achievement Scholarship On going- check website Provides recognition for outstanding African American high school students Scholarship's Website
Jeans for Teens Scholarship  Feb. 28, 2018 Donate two pairs of jeans to a local shelter. Just upload a photo of the jeans you collect and bam, you’re automatically entered! The more jeans you collect, the more chances you have to win the $5,000.  Scholarship's Website
Vegetarian Resource Group Scholarship Feb. 20, 2018 $10,000. You must have been active in promoting vegetarianism in your school and / or community; and have demonstrated compassion, courage, and a strong commitment to promoting a peaceful world through a vegetarian diet / lifestyle to be considered for this award. Scholarship's Website
Anthem Essay Contest  Check website $2,000. Freshman & Sophomores! Submit an essay of between 600 and 1,200 words based on Ayn Rand's "Anthem" You must choose on one of the three topics provided on the sponsor's website. Essays will be judged on style and content. Scholarship's Website
Tylenol Scholarship Opens April 2018 For students pursuing a career in health care who can demonstrate leadership and academic qualities Scholarship's Website
Earth Day Award Feb. 28, 2018 $500. To be considered, you must submit details about an environmental project that you are currently working on, or one that will be initiated for Earth Day in your home, school, and / or community. Scholarship's Website
AFSA High School Essay Contest March 15, 2018 See website for more information on the essay topic. Good luck! Scholarship's Website
Paradigm Challenge  April 2018

$100,000. See website for details, really cool scholarship!

Scholarship's Website
Zombie Apocalypse Scholarship Oct. 31, 2018 $2,000. Submit an essay of 250 words or less, see website for details. Fun essay question! Scholarship's Website
All About Education Scholarship Apr. 2018 Submit short essay 250 words or less. Easy essay question! Scholarship's Website
John F. Kennedy Profile In Courage Essay Contest Jan. 4, 2018 $500-$10,000, win an expense-paid trip to Boston, see website for more details Scholarship's Website
Do-Over Scholarship June 2018 $1500. Another short 250 word essay. I promise they are not hard! See website for essay details. Scholarship's Website
Stuck at Prom Scholarship Contest  June 1, 2018 $10,000. Sign up to Unigo for more details. Scholarship's Website
Flavor of the Month Scholarship July 2018 $1500. See website for more details. Very interesting scholarship! Scholarship's Website
Gamers in Real Life (G.I.R.L.) Competition  June 3, 2018 For all the gamer girls out there. Seniors ladies only, must be 18 years old. See website for more details. Scholarship's Website
Make Me Laugh Scholarship Aug. 2018 $1,500. Make judges laugh with your 250 words or less response to a short essay question. Be creative! Scholarship's Website
Associate Degree Nursing Scholarship Feb. 28, 2018 $10,000 Renewable! For all those pursuing to be a nurse. See website for details Scholarship's Website
California Wine Grape Growers Foundation March 21, 2018

Parent or legal guardian is employed by a wine grape grower. For UC/CSU: two 4-year $8,000 scholarships available. For community colleges: four $2,000 scholarships available

Scholarship's Website
Ge-Reagan Foundation Scholarship Program January 5, 2018 Seniors only, $40,000 per student, looking for students who demonstrate exemplary leadership, drive, integrity, and citizenship.

Scholarship's Website


Golden One Credit Union Scholarship Jan. 31, 2018 Win $1,000 if you plan to go to a 2-year college full time, $2,500 or $5,000 if you plan to go to a 4-year college, see website for more details Scholarship's Website
Cabrillo Civic Club Scholarship March 15, 2018 $500, must be of Portuguese decent, 3.50 GPA, must have participated in 3 extracurricular activities, have 3 letters of recommendation and transcript Scholarship's Website
Sierra College Scholarship  Open now Apply for Sierra College, set up a mySierra account, apply directly through Scholarship Manager. See website for more details Scholarship's Website
Positive Coaching Alliance  May 2018 At least 62 scholarships ranging between $1,000 and $2,000 depending upon region Scholarship's Website
Sacramento Leadership Conference April 1, 2018 long conference July 16-23, sophomores and juniors only! Housing provided, no cost at all! Learn leadership skills, become college prepared, and visit places throughout Sacramento! Scholarship's Website
Northern California Publishers and Authors March 1, 2018 See website for more details  Scholarship's Website
Sacramento State Scholarship Check it out! $500-$2,500. Must have a 3.7 and above GPA Incoming Sac State freshman, so seniors only! See website for more details Scholarship's Website
Horatio Alger Association May 2018 Up to $2,500. Demonstrate critical financial need, Be involved in co-curricular and community service activities, Display integrity and perseverance in overcoming adversity,  GPA requirements vary by program  Scholarship's Website
California Capital Airshow Scholarship May 2018

$500 - $1,000 for 2-year & $1,000 - $8,000 for 4-year
Senior in high school, plan to attend a 2-4 year college in the fall full time,  Be pursuing a college degree in the following areas of study: Aviation, Aeronautics, Airport Management, Aerospace, Science, Technology, Engineering or Math
Have a minimum cumulative

GPA of 3.5
Demonstrate financial need.

Scholarship's Website
The Max and Nadine Dimick Scholarship May 2018 $1,000-$2,000. Be attending American River College or Consumnes River College in the fall
Have a cumulative GPA of 3.0 or higher
Demonstrate financial need
Scholarship's Website
The Nadine Dimick Nursing Scholarship May  2018 $1,000. Be enrolled in the nursing program at Sacramento City College.
Have a cumulative GPA of 3.0 or higher
Demonstrate financial need
Scholarship's Website
The Philip M. Dowd Memorial Scholarship March 1, 2018 $1,000-$5,000. High school seniors only, Be pursuing a degree in Public Affairs/Administration or Political Science & Government
Have a minimum cumulative GPA of 3.0
Plan to attend an accredited two or four year college or university
Demonstrate financial need
Scholarship's Website
Make Your School Safer Scholarship March 15, 2018 $1,000. See website for more details! Scholarship's Website
Send Stress-Busting Tips to Your Friends Scholarship May 2018 $2,000. Easy scholarship! See website for more details! Scholarship's Website
College Jump Start Scholarship  Try again next year! From sophomores to seniors, awards vary. See website for more details. Scholarship's Website
Oscar E. Gomez Scholarship  Check it out!!! $500. Look at your school loop mail for the link! Hurry and fill it out!  Scholarship's Website
Make Birthday Cards for Kids in Homeless Shelters Scholarship June 2018 $5,000. Make birthday cards for kids in homeless shelters and you will be automatically entered to win!  Scholarship's Website
Recycle Old Clothes to Help the Planet Scholarship May 2018 $5,000. See the website for more details. It is a really easy scholarship!

Scholarship's Website

Best Colleges Ongoing A holistic financial aid guide specifically for African American students Scholarship's Website
You Deserve It Scholarship Check it out! 16 years and older Scholarship's Website


Sons of Italy Western Foundation March 1, 2018 Must be of Italian Decent and attending a trade school, college, university or community college for the fall of 2017 Scholarship's Website
Ronald McDonald House Charities US Scholarship Program Jan 18, 2018 For graduating seniors who are exemplary role models in their communities Scholarship's Website
Student Photography Scholarships Ongoing Various and many scholarships for photography, video and related fields

Scholarship's Website

Elks Most Valuable Student Competition Open now!!! 2 awards @ $500.00 Scholarship's Website
Intertech Foundation STEM Scholarship March 15, 2018 2,500 per month Scholarship's Website
National Space Club Scholarship December 2, 2018

1 Award $10,000$10,000.00 Have an intention of pursuing a career in the STEM fields and plan to attend an accredited U.s. College or university to follow a course of study to pursue a career in the STEM- especially Space focused


Scholarship's Website
SP Scholarship Open now 10 Awards @ 1,000 each Scholarship's Website
North Central District of the American Association of Family and Consumer Sciences March 22, 2018 $1,000 to be awarded to students pursuing career studies and any related Family and Consumer Science field Scholarship's Website
NFIB Young Entrepreneur Award Dec. 18, 2018 Graduating high school seniors who operate their own small business Scholarship's Website
Sixt Scholars Open now

$5,000.00 graduating seniors

(5 awards)

Scholarship's Website

Andrew Flushe Scholarship Open now  $500 High school seniors who have been accepted into a college university or trade school- or current students enrolled Scholarship's Website
Barbara Lotze Scholarships for Future Teachers December 1, 2018 2,000.00 High School Senior interested in pursue a career in teaching physics in high school Scholarship's Website
CACESF Scholarship March 30, 2018 Juniors and seniors

Scholarship's Website


Student View Scholarship April 22, 2018 No minimum SAT- No essay- No GPA requirement Scholarship's Website
USPAACC Scholarships March 10, 2018 10 Awards of 5,000.00 Asian Pacific Islander Scholarship's Website
US Institute of Peace Scholarship March 15, 2018 2 2,500.00 Awards Scholarship's Website
Richard Holland Memorial Scholarship March 15, 2018 10,000.00 Scholarship's Website
 Poll Scholarship
Feb. 28, 2018 1,000.00 Scholarship's Website
SP Scholarship Feb. 28, 2018 10  10,000.00 Awards Scholarship's Website
VIP Scholarship Feb 28, 2018 5,000.00 Scholarship's Website
YDI Scholarship Feb. 27, 2018 1,000.00 Scholarship's Website

Websites_containing_information_on_Paying_for_College Card IconWebsites containing information on Paying for College

Be sure to read each site's privacy policy to be aware of current practices regarding privacy and information sharing. (This listing is not an endorsement of any of these sites.)

Asian American Scholarships:

Athletic Scholarships:

Low-interest federal loans and strategies for smart borrowing:,,

College Costs and More:

College Savings Plans:,,

Education Benefits for Military and Dependents:

FAFSA on the Web:

Federal Financial Aid:

Foster Youth Grants:,,,

Gates Millennium Scholarships:

Latino Scholarships:,,,,

Military Scholarships:

Native American Grants and Scholarships:,,

Scholarship Directories:,,,

Scholarship Scams:,

Students with Disabilities:

Students who have a deceased parent: Click here