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School Policies

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Below you will find information on Rio Linda High School's Cell phone, Dress code, and Attendance policies 

Attendance_Policy Card IconAttendance Policy

Attendance Policies and Procedures
        In order to maximize your highest academic achievement in high school, students need to have daily and on-time class attendance.  California law states that absences are excused only if there is an excuse which meets the requirements of Education Code Section 48205 as follows: illness, medical/dental appointment, student court appearance, or the funeral of an immediate family member.  Absences from school for any other reason will be considered unexcused.  Notes are requested to verify medical, optical, and dental appointments.  Please schedule appointments after school or on non-school days as much as possible. 

        All students arriving late/tardy to school must have either a parent/guardian call 916-566-2725 ex. 65939 or send a note to the attendance office explaining the late arrival.  Parents and guardians have 5 days to clear absences and tardies.   It is the responsibility of the student to take the note signed by the parent to the attendance office and then report directly to class. 

Late (under 29 minutes)/Tardy (30 minutes or more): Students must be in their seat, in the locker room, or at their work station before bell rings.  All students must check in at the office and receive a late pass to class. Being late for class will result in the following:
  • 1st & 2nd offenses: warning
  • 3rd & 4th offense: lunch detention
  • 5th offense: Friday School
  • 6 or more: Meeting with student and parent/guardian to address attendance concerns
Rio Linda High School within Twin Rivers Unified School District adheres to California’s compulsory education laws.  EC Section 48260 (a): Any pupil subject to compulsory full-time education or compulsory continuation education who is absent from school without valid excuse three full days in one school year or tardy or absent for more than 30-minute period during the school day without a valid excuse on three occasions in one school year, or any combination thereof, is a truant and shall be reported to the attendance supervisor or the superintendent of the school district.

Truancy Letters are generated based on students accruing absences and/or tardies (all day and period absences) which are considered unexcused as follows:
  • 1st notification of truancy = 3 unexcused absences/tardies (late 30 minutes or more) and/or 3 period absences and/or tardies on 3 separate days
  • 2nd notification of truancy = 6 unexcused absences/tardies (late 30 minutes or more) and/or tardies on 6 separate days will result in a Group Conference Meeting or individual School Review Team (SART) meeting to discuss attendance concerns with the student and parent/guardian.
  • Habitual Truancy Notice = 9 unexcused absences/tardies (late 30 minutes or more) and/or 9 period absences and/or tardies on 9 separate days.  The Habitual Truancy Notice will be sent after a Group Conference Meeting or School Attendance Review Team (SART) meeting is held to address unexcused absences and/or tardies.  Medical verification is required for any future absences and/or tardies due to illness or medical appointment after the Habitual Truancy Notice is sent.
Excessive Absence Letters are generated based on students accruing absences and/or tardies (all day and period absences) which are excused as follows:
  • First Excessive Excused absence/tardy notice is sent to parents after students have accrued 5 days and/or 5 period absences/tardies
  • Second Excessive Excused absence/tardy notice is sent to parents after students have accrued 5 more days and/or 5 period absences/tardies
  • A Group Conference Meeting or School Attendance Review Team (SART) meeting is held with school staff to address excessive excused absences and/or tardies.  Medical verification is required for all future absences and/or tardies due to illness by MD, PA, RN, and FNP.  If no medical verification is provided, absences/tardies will be considered unexcused which may initiate truancy status. 
Closed Campus: Students leaving campus without prior permission from the attendance office or with a ROP badge will be subject to disciplinary action and/or loss of school events and activities.  Students who leave campus and return with food may have their items confiscated.

Cell_Phone_Policy Card IconCell Phone Policy

Rio Linda Senior High School
Cell Phone & Electronic Device Policy

Cell phones/electronic devices can be used before school, during breaks, during lunch, and after school.

Cell phones/electronic devices must be turned OFF before you enter any classroom, office, library, locker room, or lab.

If a cell phone/ electronic device rings, vibrates, or is used for any reason or you are caught using it during class time your phone can be confiscated.

Rio Linda High School is not responsible for lost, stolen, or confiscated electronic devices, nor will we investigate lost or stolen items. Please keep items of high value at home.

Refusal to surrender your phone when asked is defiance. Defiance can result in suspension and your parent will be contacted.

Violations for electronic devices confiscated by staff members include:
  • 1st Offense - the device will be turned in to the office.   Friday School will be assigned. Parents are able to pick up the device, but only after 6th period; however the student will be able to pick up the device after all assigned consequences have been completed and/or served.
  • 2nd Offense forward - the device will be turned in to the office.  Friday School and lunch detention and/or campus beautification will be assigned.  The device will only be released to the parent/guardian and only after 6th period.
  • If the problems persist, continuous progressive discipline will follow. 
Students and parents must provide staff with identification when picking up a device.

Dress_Code_Policy Card IconDress Code Policy

Dress Code and Grooming

Students and their parents are responsible for student’s cleanliness, clothing, and neat appearance.  Items worn to school should not interfere with the learning process. Students who dress in a manner that is inconsistent with the dress code policy will be sent to the office and will receive alternate clothing, sent home to change into proper school attire, or someone will have to bring them proper attire from home. Any class time missed because of improper dress is unexcused, and teachers have the discretion as to whether students will be allowed to make up the work. Repeated violations will result in disciplinary action.            

In order to maintain an appropriate campus environment, we request and expect all students to dress appropriately for Rio Linda’s campus. Our policy is very simple. Students should report to school dressed in “Clean, Covered, and Appropriate” apparel.  Parents of Rio Linda students are asked to help promote a safe and academic environment for their children.
When purchasing school clothes, please keep the following guidelines in mind:
  • Hat Policy: Baseball style caps, cowboy hats, beanies, or sun protective caps will be allowed outdoors only.  Bandanas, do-rags, sweatbands, or other head covers of any kind are strictly prohibited. All non-RLHS approved head coverings will be confiscated by school officials and will only be returned to a parent or guardian.  Repeat offenders of our policy will receive appropriate discipline per district policy for defiance.   
  • All solid blue and red clothing is strictly prohibited and is considered to be gang attire. Shirts, jackets, and other articles of clothing denoting gang affiliation are not allowed. This includes, but is not limited to the following apparel: Cali shirts, telephone area codes (916), Scar face, items with 13 or 14, or items with N or S on their belt buckles or on other parts of their person. No “Juggalo” apparel or insignia are allowed on campus.  The State of California has identified Party Crews as gang affiliated; therefore, these items may not be worn on campus. Red or blue shoelaces are strictly prohibited and are to be removed upon request of staff.   
  • Any article of clothing or accessory (e.g. jewelry, belts, backpacks, notebooks, or socks etc.) which displays gang symbols/affiliation (with numbers, area codes, letters, etc.), profanity, or products and slogans which promote/advertise tobacco, alcohol, drugs, sex, sexism (e.g. Hooters, Skin silhouettes), violence, guns or other weapons, suicide, racism, or interferes with school work, creates disorder or disrupts the educational process is not allowed.
  • Belts must be the appropriate size (long hanging belts are not permitted) or must be tucked into belt loops. No engraved, stamped, punched out, lifted initials or numbers shall be permitted on any belt or buckle. Belts must not be worn lower than the waist.
  • Jewelry (spiked bracelets, spiked necklaces, wallet chains etc.) that is sharp/dangerous may not be worn at school.
  • Pajamas, sleep wear, slippers/house shoes, and blankets are not allowed.
  • Pants and shorts must be worn so the buttocks and/or undergarments are not visible. No sagging or oversized pants or shorts will be permitted. Pants must fit the waistline and must not have holes larger than 3 inches in measurement without wearing leggings/tights.
  • Clothing that is provocative or intended to intimidate others is not allowed.  Bathing suits, beachwear, halter tops, spaghetti straps, tube tops, backless tops, see-through outfits, or off-the-shoulder blouses, shirts or outfits are not appropriate or acceptable for the school environment. All shirts and blouses must have sleeves (with at least 2” wide straps) and completely cover bra straps, the stomach, chest, shoulders and back. Bare midriffs are not allowed.
  • Shorts, skirts, skorts, or dresses must be size appropriate (mid-thigh in length); tight fitting shorts and short shorts are prohibited.  Shorts/pants with holes showing undergarments are not acceptable. Dress code is enforced for physical education activities and athletic practices. Note: Shorts, dresses, skorts, and skirts must be in compliance when leggings/tights are worn under the skirt.
All clothing items must be picked up within 30 days from the confiscation date or they may be turned over to charity.