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Teacher Directory

Armstrong, John (916) 566-2725 ex.65983 ELA 10H/ELA 11
Baier, Clinton (916) 566-2725 ex.65193 Earth Science and Biology
Bautista, Bryan (916) 566-2725 ex.65964 Integrated Math 1
Bibayoff, Larry (916) 566-2725 ex.65905 Government, AP World History; Water Polo Coach; Swimming Coach
Black, Jarrett (916) 566-2725 ex.65984 English 10, ELA 10 AG, ARC ENG 300, AP Language and Composition
Bressler, Stacy (916) 566-2725 ex.65914 Chemistry
Burdick, Julie (916) 566-2725 ex.65930 Culinary Arts
Bussone, Mr. (916) 566-2725 ex.65979 AP Literature and Composition, AP US History, US History
Bussone, Penny (916) 566-2725 ex.65978 ELA 12 and ELA 9XL
Butterfield, Barnaby (916) 566-2725 ex.65986 Social Science Teacher
Carson, Sara ex.62928 Agriculture Mechanics Teacher
Chamberlain, Jannette (916) 566-2725 ex.65903 Teacher
Corell, Richard (916) 566-2725 ex.65934 Teacher
Cummings, Jason (916) 566-2725 ex.65985 Teacher
Del Buono, Melina (916) 566-2727 ex.65895 SDC-ED Teacher
Dickey, Jane (916) 566-2725 ex.65928 World History
Duke, Mr. (916) 566-2725 ex.65967 Integrated Math 1; Integrated Math 2
Durham, Jimmie Teacher
Elbert, Sara (916) 566-2725 ex.66014 Biology Teacher
Fitch, Mr. (916) 566-2725 AP Calculus AB; AP Calculus BC; AP Statistics, Pre-Calculus, Integrated Math 2
Flores-Cardenas, Cesar (916) 566-2725 ex.65908 Integrated Math 1; Spanish 1 ; MESA Advisor
Freitas, Mr. (916) 566-2725 ex.64476 English 9 and 10
Garceau, Jack (916) 286-4532 SDC ELA; SDC Math; SDC Life Science
Graf, Kathryn (916) 566-2725 ex.65878 Earth Science/9th AVID
Graybill, Sra. Maricela (916) 566-2725 ex.x65148 AP Spanish-Spanish Native Teacher
Green, Craig (916) 566-2725 ex.65974 Teacher ELA 9 and ELA 10
Green, Randy (916) 566-2725 ex.65900 Curriculum Support 11th; Algebra 1B; CAHSEE Math
Hagyard, Mister (916) 566-5929 ex.65929 Algebra 1, math 1, statistics
Hanusek, Laura (916) 566-2725 ex.65847 Activities Director
Harvey, Dwight Assistant Principal
Hicks, James (916) 566-2725 ex.65918 biology teacher
Jaime, Rogelio Teacher
Johnston, Kimberly (916) 566-2725 ex.65843 LTEL, ELA 9 & ELA 10
Kaer, Kathryn (916) 566-2725 ex.64339 RSP Teacher
Kaplan, Daniel (916) 566-2725 ex.65981 English 9 XL, English 12, and AP Research
Kaplan, Mrs. Tammy (916) 566-2725 ex.65976 English 12 and Journalism Teacher
KUMAR, Coach (916) 566-2725 Teacher
LeFrancois, Paul (916) 566-2725 ex.64887 Physical Education Teacher
Leon, Mrs. (916) 566-2725 ex.65924 Spanish 1NS; Spanish 3; Spanish 4
Marinas, Karolyn (916) 566-2725 ex.65927 Spanish, AVID
MCCOY, Carrie-anna (916) 566-2725 ex.64629 Algebra 2 and Pre-calculus
Meyers, Mr. (916) 566-2725 ex.65852 Vice Principal
Meyers, Scott Teacher
Miller, Michelle (916) 566-2725 ex.25343 Chemistry
Morris, Michael (916) 566-2725 ex.65888 World History; Athletic Director
Mr. Cervantes, Ciro (916) 566-2725 ex.65935 Biology, Anatomy and Physiology
Mullarkey, Kerry (916) 566-2725 ex.64337 US History, US Government, World History Economics
Murray, Craig (916) 566-2725 ex.65875 Music Director
Nelson, Ms. (916) 566-2725 ex.65968 Math Teacher
Orlando, Paul Principal
Parsley, Adam ex.66018 English 11, AVID 10
Pavlovic, Jelena (916) 566-2725 History Teacher
Prax, Alexa Music Teacher
Rauschkolb, Scott (916) 566-2725 ex.65977 English, AVID, Public Speaking
Raymond, Carrie (916) 566-2725 ex.65893 Department Chair of Special Education and RSP Teacher
Rogers, Joey (916) 566-2725 ex.65993 AP Biology/Biology Teacher
Rohlfes, David (916) 566-2725 ex.65994 SDC Math
Schubert, Mr. (916) 566-2725 ex.66969 Teacher: English, AVID, World Domination
Scott, Mary (916) 566-2725 ex.66013 Senior Army Instructor - JROTC
Shea, Kristina ex.66039 Teacher
Smiley, Richard (916) 566-2725 Instrumental Music Teacher
Snapp, Jennifer (916) 566-2725 ex.66023 Assistant Principal
Soares, Nicole (916) 566-2725 ex.64829 Teacher
Suvony, Mr. (916) 566-2725 ex.65919 RSP Curriculum Support 12
Szabo, Elizabeth (916) 566-2725 ex.65902 EL Government; EL US History; EL World History
Taranto, Teresa (916) 566-2725 ex.65941 Art Teacher
Taylor, Jennifer (916) 566-2725 ex.65965 Integrated Math 2
Tibbs, Timothy (916) 566-2725 ex.66041 ELA/ELD Emerging, ELA/ELD Expanding, Adv. and Beg. Drama
Tisue, Janet (916) 566-2725 ex.65883 World History/U.S. History
Toll, Mrs. (916) 566-2725 ex.66157 Teacher
Tolle, Rodger (916) 566-2725 ex.62675 Integrated Math 1 and 2
Vahchuama, Mr. (916) 566-2725 ex.64881 Hmong Native Speaker Teacher
Velez, Richard Teacher
Villa, Daniel (916) 566-2725 ex.64641 Teacher: Physical Education
Walden, Kimberley (916) 566-2725 ex.65956 Health Science Teacher
Warren, Sarah (916) 566-2725 ex.66017 Agriculture Teacher (Ag Chemistry, Floral Design, Ag Leadership), FFA Advisor
Wilson, Eric US History; World History
Wise, Lorna ex.65844 Business Teacher
Woo, Jennifer (916) 566-2725 ex.65958 Health; Department head
Woo, Mike (916) 566-2725 ex.65933 Biology, Agriculture
Woodall, LaRelle (916) 342-2055 Small Business, Marketing, Retail,