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Girls Softball

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Its not just any sport, its not just throwing a ball,

   hitting and running.

I love with the cheering of my players

   while I’m up to bat.

I live with the red stitches of the softball

   rubbing against my fingers

When I snap my wrist and let it fly,

     I live with the mistakes everyday in it,

And I love learning them.

     I live on the pitchers mound where

I need complete confidence in my self.

    I live with snapping my wrist to the catcher

And getting the batter out.

    A perfect strike. I love not only for my team mates,

But for my self.

   I live for fast pitch softball.

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Steve Burton - Varsity Head Coach
(916) 254-9525

Curt Anderson - Varsity Assistant Coach  
Steve Lusk - Assistant Coach  

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Robert Coursey Head JV Coach

Roland Phillips - Assistant JV Coach  
Sam Lasano - Assistant JV Coach