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Welcome to the Rio Linda HS Science Department! 
Our department offers a wide range of courses focused on helping our students to be science literate critical thinkers.
The list of science courses offered by our school is the largest in the District and includes:
  • Living Earth (fulfills the UC Life Sciences Lab requirement)
  • Chemistry (fulfills the UC Physical Science Lab requirement)
  • Anatomy and Physiology
  • AP Physics 1
  • AP Physics 2
  • AP Biology
  • AP Chemistry
Our Teachers include:
  • Mr. Baier: (Sac State graduate with a Bachelor of science in Biology and a minor in Chemistry.  Master's of science in curriculum and instruction in Western Governors University. Credentials in Biology and Earth Science.  Teaching for 10 years in this district.) Mr. Baier teaches Honors Living Earth.
  • Ms.Bressler (High School Valedictorian; Attended Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), class of 2000; B.S. Chemical Engineering; Teaching credentials in math and chemistry).  Ms. Bressler teaches Chemistry and AP Chemistry.
  • Mr. Cervantes: (UC Santa Cruz Graduate with BS in Biology, teaching since 2000.  Eight plus years of health field experience.)  Mr. Cervantes teaches Living Earth and Anatomy and Physiology
  • Ms. Miller: (CSU Chico graduate with Geoscience major, teaching since 2000, has clear credentials in Geoscience, Physics, Chemistry and Math.  She is a USAF veteran and has worked as a meteorologist and an onsite oil well geology technician.)  Ms. Miller teaches Chemistry.
  • Mr.Rogers: (UC Davis graduate with Biology major with an emphasis in medical microbiology, completed his MEd.  Teaching at Rio Linda since 2011.  He holds clear credentials in Earth Science and Biology.)  Mr. Rogers teaches Living Earth and AP Biology.
  • Mr. Serrato:  (UC Davis graduate with a BS in chemistry and masters in education. Credentialed in physics and chemistry. Teaching since 2016.)  Mr. Serrato teaches AP Physics and Chemistry.
  • Mrs. Tufts: (Marietta College graduate with a BS in Environmental Science. MAT in Teaching Science. Credentialed in Geosciences and Life Sciences. Teaching since 2011.)  Mrs. Tufts teaches Living Earth.
  • Mr. Woo: (UC Davis graduate with Biology major.  MBA. Credentialed in Life Sciences and Agriculture Specialist from Cal Poly.  Teaching at Rio Linda since 2000.)  Mr. Woo teaches Chemistry and Ag Soil Chemistry.
  • Mrs. Woo: (UC Davis graduate with Biology major.  MEd in Curriculum and Instruction.  Credentialed in Biology, Chemistry, Health, and English.  National Board Certified in Health. Teaching at Rio Linda since 2006.)  Mrs. Woo teaches Living Earth and Yearbook
Science dept Photo


Student with her hand on a static ball and her hair standing up
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Rio_Linda_students_are_visiting_UC_Davis Card IconRio Linda students are visiting UC Davis

Rio Linda students behind a desk during a UC Davis visit

RL_field_trip_to_Exploratorium Card IconRL field trip to Exploratorium

Student looking into an exhibit during an RL field trip to Exploratorium

Analytic_Lab_in_Chemistry Card IconAnalytic Lab in Chemistry

Two girls participating in an analytic lab in chemistry

Microscope_lab_set-up Card IconMicroscope lab set-up

picture of a scientific telescope

Chem_Lab Card IconChem Lab

Students working on a chemistry lab

Physics_Lab Card IconPhysics Lab

Students setting up a physics lab
Student holding up a test tube

Ms._Bressler_Chem_Gas_Lab Card IconMs. Bressler Chem Gas Lab

Ms. Bressler Chem Gas Lab

UC_Davis_Field_Trip Card IconUC Davis Field Trip

Man wearing a UC Davis shirt next to a welcome Rio Linda High sign

Our_Chem_student_has_a_mole Card IconOur Chem student has a mole

student's hand with 6.02 x 10 to the 23rd power

AP_Chem_Lab Card IconAP Chem Lab

AP Chem Lab

Ms.Miller_Thermochem_Lab Card IconMs.Miller Thermochem Lab

Ms. Miller Thermochem Lab

Students_are_working_in_physics_lab Card IconStudents are working in physics lab

Students working in physics lab

Rio_Linda_students_in_San_Francisco_Exploratorium Card IconRio Linda students in San Francisco Exploratorium

Rio Linda students in San Francisco Exploratorium

Coming_back_from_San_Francisco_field_trip Card IconComing back from San Francisco field trip

three girls on a boat coming back from San Francisco field trip

AP_Chem_Lab Card IconAP Chem Lab

Two students wearing safety goggles during an AP Chem Lab

Lab_in_Ms._Bressler_class Card IconLab in Ms. Bressler class

Lab in Ms.Bressler class