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Follow the link button below to find out the impacts of AP classes on College Success 

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2022-3 important AP links 

AP Daily videos for all courses are available now in AP Classroom. Daily videos about skills on the AP Tests.  

Advanced_Placement_at_Rio_Linda Card IconAdvanced Placement at Rio Linda

The AP program at Rio Linda High School is a spectacular success, far outperforming every other school in the Twin Rivers district, both in the number of classes offered and the number of students who have passed the AP exam.

AP stands for Advanced Placement.  This program is administered by The College Board.  The AP classes are high-level classes taught with the breadth and rigor of a first-year college class.  The teachers who instruct them attend special training, and the classes are standardized across the nation to make sure that they are appropriately challenging.  The students are given a grade in the class based on their class performance but are also assessed on given area subject mastery. The tests are given in May under strict guidelines from College Board.  These tests are scored on a scale of 1-5, with 3-5 being a passing score.  If the student earns a 3-5 on the test, that student is able, in many cases, to bypass the corresponding course in college.

Students who pass multiple AP exams can save thousands of dollars in college tuition and also are able to graduate earlier.  The most dedicated students have been able to shave almost a full year off their undergraduate degree.  The test is an indicator of college readiness by college admissions.  It is difficult, in fact almost impossible to get into high-level universities directly out of high school without successful completion of AP classes on your high school transcripts.

Rio_Linda_High_School_offers_a_high_number_of_AP_classes: Card IconRio Linda High School offers a high number of AP classes:

English: Language  (Mr.Black)

English Literature (Mr. Parsley)

Calculus AB (Mr. Buatista) -
Calculus BC (Mr. Bautista) 
Statistics - (Mr. Hagyard)

Physics 1&2 (Mr. Serrato)

Physics C Mechanics (Mr. Serrato) - the only class in the district

Physics C Electromagnetism (Mr. Serrato) - the only class in the district

Chemistry (Bressler) - first and only such class in the district

World History (Mr.Bibayoff)

US History (Mr.Bussone)

US Government (Ms. Pavlovic)

Macroeconomics (Ms. Pavlovic)

Spanish Language (Ms.Graybill)

Spanish Literature (Ms.Graybill)

French Language and Culture (Ms.Russel-Smith)

Studio Art (Ms.Taranto)
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